Kestral was founded by Liaquat Ali Baig, the current CEO. An industrial engineering graduate from the United States, Baig initially established Kestral to represent Pratt  & Whitney Canada.

Developing a reputation for innovation, trust and professionalism, Kestral soon expanded to provide local engineering and technical support to many American and European companies. Over the past decades, Kestral has grown to be a multinational company and diversified into sectors including  construction, engineering services and security.

The difference is our approach

Kestral’s unique approach to its sales and support remit is at the heart of its business success. We have a ‘one window’ approach to client relationships, an adherence to the leading international project management protocols and stringent quality assurance and quality control procedures. From planning and managing complex defense programmes to niche counter threat installation, Kestral has completed well over 200 successful projects.

The difference is our people

Kestral employs dedicated specialists, offering literally hundreds of years of combined expertise. Our people are our most valuable asset; and support the values of empowerment, entrepreneurship, personal excellence and teamwork that drive the company.

The difference is our coverage

Operating in strategically important countries, Kestral can offer local advice and support in diverse geographies. More than that, all of our offices adhere and invest in International Service Level Agreements to produce sustainable and integrated solutions, ensuring that we deliver the same experience and satisfaction everywhere.

The difference is Kestral

The Kestral service comprises: pre-contract consultancy, marketing and after-sales support, legal and financial guidance, negotiation and bid process advice, local site visits and site clearance reviews, local import, customs and transport provision, technical and engineering support.

No other company offers such comprehensive services in so many geographies; but then no-one else is Kestral.